Your trip is our business

Aypeetrip is the creation of a die-hard travel enthusiast; someone who loves sharing unforgettable moments with people on the other side of the world, someone who has discovered extraordinary places, and today dedicates himself to helping you live the same thing.

Aypeetrip provide tailor-made trips because we focus exclusively on the customer’s request.

As a graduate in tourism, and an experienced journey planner, the concept of becoming a travel planner at the disposal of others will become a reality in 2019. Currently Aypeetrip works across three continents: America, Oceania and Europe.

Our goal is to further develop our knowledge of Asia and Africa in the coming years.

Covering the winter and summer seasons, Aypeetrip is qualified to offer you the best club and camping stays, from the mountains all the way to the beach.

We want to share our experience with you.

How does it work?

Adapted formula

Choose the formula adapted to the criteria of my trip and complete the questionnaire, specifying your wishes in the comments.Proceed to payment of the chosen formula and send your request.

Travel plan

No more than two weeks later, you’ll receive an email with a travel plan that details the best price for accommodation, transport, or rentals according to the request. If satisfied, go to the next step, if not you can convene with the team until we reach a solution you are happy with.

It's ready !

The trip is ready. You’ll get an email summary with a detailed document that allowing you to book the proposed options. You’re ready for your adventure in a few clicks! 🙂

Our services

  • Accommodation

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  • Rental car or other

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  • Airline ticket or other

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  • Activities

    If you need suggestion, you can choose the service provision in the shop

  • Sites and monuments

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  • Restaurants

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We adapt to any kind of request as mountain, big cities, nature, leisure or seaside.

"The only thing you buy that makes us richer is travel"


If your domain is in the world of travel and tourism, we offer many opportunities for partnerships and collaborations for travel professionals (insurance, transportation company, etc. ..) and hotel accommodation.

As well as a relationship with travel and tourism, we also offer the possibility of collaboration and partnership (tourist offices, company or brand, etc ...) in order to promote you if necessary.

Aypeetrip is not afraid to cross borders!  Changing continent also offers collaboration and international partnerships, because quality is out there all over the world. Your agency matches our brand? Are you interested in forming a quality partnership?

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See you soon !